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Exclusive Offer -

2022 Online Training Courseware Library.

3900 (GBP).
Optional renewal after 24 months.

Licensed for all uses, including intellectual property ownership, and rights to sell and resell, brand and modify.

Royalty free.
Includes all new online training courses and upgrades we publish over the 24 month period.
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Perfect for:
Creating your own online training courseware sales store.
Building your own online training company and/or online training materials store.
Etc, etc.


Other options include CoursewareCo Affiliate Schemes

The Courseware Company now allows you to share in the success of our online training courseware products, by earning 20% commission on every package bought by a visitor which you send us.

Have you got your own website or Facebook group, database or blog that is relevant to online IT and Softskills training? Or maybe you just know lots of people in the Training industry.. Affiliate with us and get 20% of all courseware package sales.

There's no product or stock to hold. You simply link to one of our products pages using text or graphical links.

Affiliate Linking Information
It is easy to create tracked links. You simply append your affiliate ID. This means you can easily link to any page in our site. This 'deep linking' leads to much higher conversions that simply linking to our home page.

Affiliate Stats
In your account, you'll be able to see complete stats and traffic logs for all unique visitors. Including your best performing links and products.

We are always available for information or tips on how best to use the program - please contact us here.


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