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About Us

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The Courseware Company is a trading name of Seven Dials Publications Ltd (registered as a private limited company in England).

For ten years we have been providing high quality courseware in electronic format within the same price band as hard copies supplied by competitors. We write and publish courseware titles in house and we occasionally buy in titles. We do not normally resell on behalf of other authors. We are not simply a publishing organisation. We are accountable for our courseware and we are an approachable company.

All courses are supplied complete with the appropriate student exercises and sample files. Also a course overview (for your clients/students/delegates).

In addition to the courseware sales aspect of this web site, we provide a freelance trainer network contact service. Our IT Trainer NetworkTM and Softskills Trainer NetworkTM  database services are for IT training companies and recruiters to gain direct contact with freelance trainers. It supports our Softskills Training Toolkit and IT Training Toolkit products, providing trainers and training providers with a valuable freelance recruitment resource. registration as a trainer is free but continued use searching the database is chargeable, except for our Softskills Training Toolkit and IT Training Toolkit clients.

We are now also allowing registrations from trainers in other countries within the Americas and Europe.

Trademarks and copyrights
All trademarks and styles used in this web site are protected by international law. None of this web site, nor the documents stored within it may be reproduced, sold or copied, without the prior written permission of The Courseware Company (CoursewareCo). All correspondence on this matter should be addressed to the owners and agents of The Courseware Company, using the contact page on this web site.

Data Protection Act and Privacy Policy
The Courseware Company is dedicated to the protection of personal information. We are registered under the UK Data Protection Act through the company that owns this web site and database operation. Our registration with the Information Commissioner's Office is in the name of 'The Courseware Company'. Click here to see the CoursewareCo Privacy Policy.

Please contact us if you wish us to investigate or remove any piece of data or information anywhere within this site and associated databases. We will permanently remove any subscribers' information on request from the subscriber. All newsletters sent by us carry an UNSUBSCRIBE link in the footer.


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Seven Dials Publications Ltd (registered as a private limited company in England).