IT Training Toolkit
by The Courseware Company

Includes: courseware...

  • 100 IN DEMAND IT Training courseware titles.

  • Exercise files and sample data for every course.

  • All the new courses we create over the next 24 months, sent to you as they're published, free of charge.

  • Course specifications for each course, for your clients.

  • All fully editable. Yours to keep.

  • Yours to mix and match, blend and present the courses however you like.

  • Yours to brand, bind in your own folder or company artwork.

Includes: IT training resources...

  • IT Trainers NetworkTM .Access to more than 1500 IT Trainers all around the UK.

  • Web site templates and assistance.

  • Pre and post course questionnaires and TNA documents.

  • Contact information databases for trainers and other training providers.

  • Sales and marketing templates, forms and sample letters.

  • VAT, accounts and tax information, forms and advice.

  • Specialist Business Plan for bank financing.

  • Business planning documents.

  • Health and safety information.

  • Mailshot samples and templates.

Everything you need to trade-up...your own IT training company!

Package price - 350

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